A Practice in Patience - Pre-term Labor

This is for the first page in my daughter's first year baby album. I was orignially planning to make a single page about pre-term labor and bedrest for the baby book but clearly with this much journaling it needed to be a double spread. So I'm going to do a title page (I'm thinking something like one picture from every month of her first year - "What a difference a year makes")... won't go into the journaling for this because I'd fill up the whole blogger server! The more I look at this the more I realize that I should have put a picture of me on bedrest here (but I love this sonogram picture - it's our favorite - and she still has the same profile). Oh well. Don't feel like changing it right now! Want to be done with a layout. The feeling of completion of something! Small celebrations.


Blogger Jenn said...

I like this very much! You are really in a creative swing right now!! Happy Weekend!

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