Tons of ideas

I bought Simple Scrapbooks and Scrapbooks, etc. from my grocery store yesterday and while I haven't read through them totally yet I saw a bunch of great ideas that I'd love to somehow incoporate into my scrapping...

Here are a few:
-AAM page in Simple Scrapbooks with that heartfelt letter about the reader who lost her sister and nephew in a tragic accident and how there were so few pictures of them with others and information about who they really were
-School album by Renee Villalobos-Campos - an entire album where each school year is summed up in two pages (with teachers names, classmates) and the best part for me was the page where she is going to capture her son's signature on one page at the start of each school year so her son will be able to see how his signature has evolved from childhood to manhood. I just loved this. (I will need to rescrap a page for this but will gladly because I think it will be worth it).
-Birthday party album in Simple Scrapbooks - I loved this but wasn't sure if or how I was going to do this. I don't want to re-scrap Jessi's birthdays just yet... so I don't think I will incorporate this now but it's food for thought for the future. I like that both of my kids' first year albums will include their first birthday in it... but I also like the idea of having all of the birthday parties in one place... anyone do something like this or thinking about it?


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