We have Jessi's 4 year check-up today. And I haven't told her yet - but she has to get a shot this time!! This is precisely why I haven't told her... I'm going to need that kiddie sausage thing that they used in the emergency room (when getting the bead out of her nose) on Monday - it was a big velcro thing that wrapped around her body and didn't allow for any movement. I think we'll hit the bookstore before we go to waste some time and get out of the house for a bit...and I'm going to see if they have Understanding Exposure... my library doesn't have it. But I did put another of the same author's books on hold. So here's a LO about my doggie. I've never scrapped about her and she certainly deserves a space (and a few more will surely follow in the future... I just have to find my fave picture of her - from before we went digital and scan it in).
"How do you always know when I�m cutting up a cucumber? As soon as I start peeling and chopping, you come running. Even if you�re under the couch in your secret hiding place. Even if you�re upstairs in Jessi�s room eating her wooden dolls. Even if you�re chomping on your bone in your doggie bed. You sit right at my feet until I give you your share. The Linky Cucumber Tax. A deliciously tasty tradition. Photo taken July 2005."

Papers from Grass Sand and Sea, Home stamp, and staples by Katie Pertiet from Designer Digitals. Paw eyelets from Faitheful Friend kit by Gina Cabrera - Digital Design Essentials.

Fonts: Garamond and Century Gothic


Blogger becky said...

That is just sooo funny! A cucumber tax for the doggie! :D We used to have guinea pigs and any time we opened our refrigerator they would squeal! "whee whee wheee!" How do they know what the heck you're doing? I mean, I guess dogs can smell cucumbers, but why is that so appealing? Too funny!

5:26 PM  
Blogger Jenn said...

My childhood dog was a schnauzer named Sarah, she had a love affair with carrots. If she even heard the crunch of a carrot it was all over for said carrot eater!

I love this LO. You really are kicking hiney on these pages!

12:41 PM  

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