We went out to a winery today for their blackberry festival. I don't particularly like blackberries (the seeds and all) but that's okay because we just went for the wine tasting and hanging out with the kids. We were supposed to meet our cousins (sorry Paula) but it just didn't work out since Ryan took a super long nap. Mike and I had a delicious adult dinner (Thanks Paula!) last night. We went to a Japanese steak house and ate ourselves silly. And because that wasn't enough we went out to Maggie Moo's for ice cream. I tell you I'm the one mooing. I feel like a cow. But we don't get out to eat much so we figured we'd live it up! And we worked out this morning together. I ran - and it kicked my butt again. The elliptical is so much easier for me. But Mike wanted the elliptical so I sweated buckets on the 'mill. It was so hot out today and there's supposed to be more of the same tomorrow so the only rational thing to do is go to the pool. So that's my goal tomorrow - that and go food shopping because we are running severely low on EVERYTHING! Anyway, in scrapping news I've been working on this layout since yesterday and I finally finished it tonight. It's for last month to go into Ry's baby album. I'm not caught up but wanted to last month before doing some of the other ones that are waiting to be scrapped.

"This month brought lots of crawling adventures. If we�re playing in your room and leave your door open for even the slightest moment you head out for discovery. You love crawling into Jessi�s room to make music with her keyboard and then practicing standing while holding onto her dollhouse. Then you�ll crawl into your bathroom to pull up on the tub and remove your bath toys from the basket. Bang Bang Bang go the bath cups! Often, you�ll try to get into Dad�s office. So many books to try to take off the shelves! Towards the end of the month you try to take only one nap on some days� there�s just to much you want to see and too many things with which to play. Your favorite toy is any ball you can find. It can be a small firm one that goes to a toy or a large squishy one � as long as it�s round and rolls you�re happy. I get so much joy watching you chase after it as it rolls on the hardwood floors."

Credits: Papers, adventure ribbon, and embellished tag from Wild Hearts Can't Be Tamed by Jen WIlson, Slide holders, brown ribbon, beaded twine, criss-cross staples, compass, and belt with buckle from Summer Travels by Jen Wilson and Lauren Bird, white straight and zig-zag stitching by Katie Pertiet at Designer Digitals.


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How did I miss this one? Gorgeous. What a beautiful little boy!

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